Yes, it is true! Last year at this time I was honored to be asked to participate in the video for Devin Banda’s "Yo No Soy Asi."

At that time, I was working for a local Tejano station on the morning show. I had gotten to know LOTS of Tejano artists very well, including Miss Devin Banda!

The song was written by the lovely and talented Saraly O. Promesa from Monterey, Mexico.

Credit: Yoli Romo

The video was filmed outside of Austin at this incredible events center that is literally in the middle of nowhere. You would never have expected something so cool in the middle of nowhere.

The entire shoot took about four hours from start to finish. I must have heard the song 40+ times that day, and I still like it-- even after that many plays!

Credit: Yoli Romo

I met some incredible people that day, including Freestyle artist Angel Gonzales and fellow radio personalities Ricky “The Joker” Duran from Houston and DJ Dohboi Acosta!

Credit: David Munoz
Credit: David Munoz

Devin is an incredible up-and-coming talent in the Tejano community. Working with Devin, director Ryan Bazan and producer Yoli Romo was a treat.

I was also seen in Nuestra Musica Magazine in an article about the shoot! (Thanks to David Munoz!)

Nuestra Musica-David Munoz

If you ever get to be in a video, DO IT! It's a lot of fun and you make lots of friends.

Now comes the fun part: Can you find me in the video? Let us know if you do!