Everything is bigger in Texas, even our freeways. In fact, Texas is home to the widest freeway in the entire world. You've probably driven it several times without even realizing just how massive it is.

So, just how big is it really and where is it?

The Katy Freeway, located in Houston, Texas, is a whopping 26 lanes wide! That's right. 26 lanes! It's broken down into 12 main lanes, with 6 going in each direction. The massive highway even made it into Business Insider's "11 Wild Highways to Drive Before you Die". 

The upside to having a massive freeway like this one is that there is tons of space for drivers, alleviating a lot of the problems associated with traffic congestion in the busy Houston area. Its sheer size is a bit intimidating, but I'm a big fan of having more space between myself and other crazy Texas drivers.

We are known for a lot of things in Texas, but I don't recall our superb driving skills being one of them...

According to Roadstotravel.net, the Katy Freeway has an annual daily average of 219,000 drivers. It also stretched 10 miles, and it was named after Katy, Texas, which is about 23 miles from where it connects with Interstate 610, and that takes you to right Katy.

I found a couple of really insane photos of the Katy Freeway from over the years, on Facebook. Check them out below:

Pretty crazy, huh? It sort of puts things into perspective and makes you feel very small. I'm sure it's pretty crazy for first-timers. How do you feel about our massive freeway? Comment on our Facebook page below the article, and drive safe!

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