I have to stress that I am NOT overly emotional at this time.  I just ran a  couple of errands and was amazed at the things I saw.  More after the jump.

The wife and I went in search of a humidifier so basically the route was Target (fail on the humidifier), Sears (win) and up Marsha Sharp past the  Country Club golf course and home (there's a nice little neighborhood over here on top of where the tornado hit in the 70's).

Now first off, there was hardly any traffic on the road.  Since it was around noon most people were still in church or out to eat.  Not having any traffic on the road made the assh@les especially frustrating. First off, if I knew how, I would sue the newspapers for allowing their vendors to "f" up traffic.  What seems like it could be a simple transaction almost ALWAYS screws up the flow of traffic.  How could it not?  City engineers didn't time the traffic lights with newspaper vendors and homeless numbnuts slowing up the flow.  Next up, there's the either "don't know where they're going" or "going far too slow" person.  Do you have to mess it up for the rest of us with your lookie-lou behavior?  Would it hurt for you to figure out where you're going before you leave?  Are you the only one without a g.p.s., computer, old fashion phone book or even a friend to give you directions.  The other one that aggravate me is the "slow almost to a stop before turning" person (usually without a turn signal).  I'm aware cars and trucks "flip" all the time when drivers over-correct on the highways, but I have NEVER EVER EVER seen a car flip over turning into a parking lot at say 15 miles an hour.  And while were talking about laws of physics, how about the "can't judge how to get on an onramp because I have no sense of spacial relationships" person.  I'm a courteous driver and when I see traffic coming up the onramp I will try to give them three or four car spaces by either speeding up or slowing down.   How many times have you slowed for onramp traffic only to have that traffic slow down right beside you like it's some kind of "who can drive the slowest" contest.  Driving takes confidence and someone who is unsure of what they are doing is just as reckless as someone who is careless.  And lastly today, I encountered the "gotta get there quick, it's all about me" guy.  I was cresting a small hill over by the gold course only to find an ass@hole golfer driving in the center lane on his phone trying to make his tee time (I saw him turn into the country club).  Are you friggin' serious?  Staying in you lane is a pretty basic driving rule and I have had a friend killed because of this EXACT situation.

Yeah, I know there's many more examples of bad driving, but I wanted to point out what happened in less than 20 minutes on my way home. I'm surprised more Lubbock people aren't killed in traffic accidents because they sure deserve to be.

And Mr. golfer guy, you are very lucky I didn't shove a nine iron up your ass.

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