We are more than halfway to Halloween, and we have some surprising news for you.

I personally don't know anyone who doesn't like Halloween. I guess because if someone doesn't like Halloween, then I don't want to know them. I grew up in a place where the coolest houses had a paper, poseable skeleton on the door. Now, as I've gotten older, there are full-on lawn displays with giant inflatables, giant spiderwebs and so much more. It is Halloween's time to shine and I'm all about it, there is just nothing wrong with a good, fun, scary time.

This brings us to Celina, Texas, a small suburb about 40 miles outside of Dallas. At some point, and I've been unable to determine exactly when, they started hosting an event downtown called, "Beware The Square". Simply put, it's a city-wide all-ages Halloween party. The video below shows photo ops, trick or treat stations, slides, and various ghouls making their way around the city square.

Now we get even deeper into the story. In 2021 a county judge declared the town "The Halloween Capitol Of Texas". Nice, right? Well, it gets even nicer. There is actually a Texas bill to make this 100% official.  Let me just say, that I am 100% behind this.  As much as I would like this honor to happen a little closer to home, these people deserve it for showing that Halloween can be a fun, family event and a great way to bring a community together.


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