Rita Haney, Dimebag Darrell Abbott's former girlfriend has put a a request to his former band members asking them to just forgive one another and move forward.Haney has issued a challenge (more or less) to Vinnie Paul, (Dimebags brother) and Phil Anselmo (front man) of  Pantera who have not spoken since 2003. Anselmo made some remarks about Dimebag in an interview that was published the week he was shot.

Haney has said it is time to put this feud behind them, she says Darrell would want it. In an interview with Rock Monkey  “Everybody still has resentment towards each other about things in the past and that it is time to move past it all.

Haney has been speaking with both men and has told them both “Our issues are petty. That’s not the big picture. The big picture is all these people who loved Darrell. They’re what matters – not who we’re mad at.” I agree, it is time to let this end, focus on the great music they made together and realize none of it would exist with all of them....

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