Racial bullying was in the Lubbock news recently, and it's easy to see where kids picked up this behavior.

We recently had a story about kids that were being racially bullied at a Lubbock-Cooper ISD middle school. That's TWO things that I cannot stand. We passed along the information that the parents were speaking out against this behavior, and the story was picked up by some aggregation sites.

The problem with some of these aggregation sites is that they do no moderation of their social media comments. We discovered that there are too many blatantly racist trolls out there who are more than willing to put their hate on display.

In Lubbock, we've always at least been live and let live. It's rare that anybody in the Hub City really goes out of their way to get in somebody's business. This has changed with the anonymity and ignorance of online trolls.

It's my hope that the ones who put their real names on display will suffer real repercussions and that their friends and neighbors will see them for who they truly are. I further hope the jerks hiding behind fake profiles are found out and taken to task as well. Let me also say that many of these people aren't even from Lubbock; they're just starting trouble in our community.

We Lubbockites need to stick together. We don't have to like each other, but we need to respect each other (at least until the point that you've lost that respect). We need to stand up and say that we're not going to have this in our community. The people, and places that allow space for this kind of racism need to know they are not welcome in Lubbock.

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