I was there the day the movies died.

Movie Theaters Open In Kabul
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The Winchester Twin was a really cool, super-sized theater that was around 50th and Indiana where Market Street is now. Of course, the building started as an old-school movie house that was split into two theaters in 1979. I survived another 20 years after that before it finally bit the big one.

I remember I was across the street doing a remote at the Albertsons (which later became Hastings, and now currently nothing). I was just sitting in the truck, oblivious to what was going on with the Winchester Twin, when out of nowhere I saw a wrecking ball bust half the roof off. To say that it was surprising is a huge understatement.

My guess is a lot of our older listeners had their first date at the Winchester Twin, but that certainly wasn't your last experience. As many of you have noticed, the sign from the Winchester is attached to the unused building on your left when you make your way down the concourse at the Lone Star Events Center.

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