Here at 4413 82nd St. (AKA the FMX Studios), there are three floors to the building with two bathrooms to every floor. I recently went to the bathroom on the 2nd floor, and as I washed my hands heard some music coming form the stall.

It got me thinking: do people check their social media or use some apps while going to the bathroom?

Now myself, I am all about the social media. Some of my greatest thoughts have come from the porcelain throne. There have been some very awkward times where someone might have been watching something on their phone earlier that they should not have, and when they went to pull out their phone they forgot to close whatever it was they were watching. Some very strange noises are heard, but get closed out quickly.

I have heard others playing games and whatnot, but I have to ask: when you are taking your bathroom break, do you take your smart phone? And if you do, are you checking social media or are you gaming it up?

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