According to a cursory Google search, a serial arsonist is someone who habitually and compulsively sets fires. Do multiple fires set with on multiple nights count as habitual or compulsive? I don't know, but the Fire Marshal's Office in Lubbock is investigating two separate nights of fire setting and say the two are potentially related.

Everything Lubbock reports that on both May 4th and April 26th a series of fires were set in Lubbock.

Let's first take a look at the events of April 26th, where multiple fires were set between University Avenue and Indiana Avenue.

"The damage from the fires ranged from grass being burned, there were several dumpsters, several fences caught on fire, and then we had the one structure — the shed — that caused some damage to that,” Assistant Fire Marshal of Investigations Michael Jones told Everything Lubbock.

There were six fires set that night, all within two hours of each other, and all reported in alleyways.

Fast forward to May 4th, and Lubbock fire marshals are investigating a set of fires all in a tight area between Elgin and Utica Avenues. Again, the fires were set in alleyways, but this time the damage escalated with an apartment building catching on fire. Four units and 10 people were displaced by the fire.

I'm not just grasping at straws here trying to make a connection. The Lubbock Fire Department released a statement saying, "LFR is alerting citizens living around these areas to check your alleyways for any mattresses or debris piled around dumpsters. All of these fires appear to be related and intentionally set."

The Fire Marshal’s Office is asking that anyone with information on the fires call (806) 775-2646 or email

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