A precious little dog named "Bob" was adopted as a puppy from the South Plains SPCA, only to be returned a few years later because his owner's new boyfriend didn't want him.

A post was shared on the South Plains SPCA's Facebook page, and the dog's former owner has been dragged through the mud in the comment section. Everyone agrees she should have ditched the man and kept the dog.

I mean, guys, just look at Bob in the post below and tell me how you could just give that little darlin' away for a stupid man!? Ridiculous.

This kind of behavior grosses me out. If you are adopting a pet, you are committing to see them through the rest of their lives. Thick and thin. Good and bad. You don't just give them away because your new boyfriend doesn't like them. That's a load of hot garbage and it's one of many reasons our local shelters are always full.

People are trash.

Please do NOT bring home a pet unless you plan to keep them forever. No man is worth your dog or cat. Anybody that would make you give up your animal is a total loser, and you should see that kind of behavior as a red flag. Just wait until the man that made you give up sweet little Bob walks out on you...

You'll be lonely and wishing you had Bob to comfort you.

Do better, Lubbock! Best wishes to Bob. May he find a forever home that values him like any other family member.

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