A coworker of mine noticed a few dead hummingbirds near her hummingbird feeders in the backyard. She recalled seeing a praying mantis perched on top of the bird feeder and without really thinking much about it, she moved it to another location, only for it to return days later. A quick google search revealed that those holy, bright green insects are actually capable of killing and eating a hummingbird.

Holy smokes!

You may want to take a peep at your hummingbird feeders when you have the chance. Right now is the peak season for both creatures to be out and about and your adorable little nectar-drinking bird friends could be under attack. Check out the video below:

According to birdsandblooms.com, a large mantis can definitely snatch up a hummingbird for a little feast, with ease. If you happen to find one perched on top of your hummingbird feeder, the best thing to do is move it far away, or out of your backyard totally, if possible. They may become fixated on your hummingbird feeder because they know they can get a quick meal there. You can also take down the bird feeder for a few days while they get used to finding food elsewhere, and then put it back up.

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Mantises typically only feed on smaller insects and bugs, but the big guys aren't going to miss a chance at that gourmet hummingbird. If you see a mantis, please don't harm it! They do a ton of great things for your yard, like munching on all of the pesky creepy crawlies that you don't want around. They are also plain cool as hell. Just sayin'.

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