The internet has been flooded with nostalgia lately as Doritos 3D Crunch has made its way out of the 90s and back into our hearts. Stomachs. Or whatever.

I don't know anyone who was specifically devastated when they took them off the market to begin with, but nonetheless, everyone seems to be incredibly pleased they are back on the shelves. More than one of my friends has sent me a message reminding me they are back in the hopes I will write something up about it. So, here you go, guys.

I used to carry those puffed up chips in my metal Superman lunchbox to school when they first came out. From what I recall, they were basically the same as the other Doritos we were already eating, except full of air, which almost makes me wonder if we were paying for less product.

The new release of these old-school chips comes with a few unfamiliar flavors. Chili Cheese Nacho and Spicy Ranch are the new kids on the block.

Maybe it's time for me to give them another chance. I haven't had much luck with my New Year's resolution yet anyway. I ate Burger King alone in the parking lot listening to sad songs just yesterday, so what're a few more chips?

If you've been munching on these since their new release and have tried the new flavors, comment below and let us know if it's worth going out and grabbing a bag. You can also drop a line on the FMX Facebook page.

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