We are incredibly pleased to have been with Drowning Pool from the start. We've been there since the days Dave Williams beat the stage with a snow shovel.

We've stuck by the band through all the changes and we're glad we did. Never were there a bunch of guys more deserving of support than this band.

From making sure Lubbock was on the list for the Jagermeister Music Tour to these very rare acoustic performances, Drowning Pool has always been there for us.

We recommend you pick up their new CD "Hellelujah" for some really brutal classic Drowning Pool. We must also give a giant thank you to Lubbock's own Buddy Holly Center for helping us get this done.

Now, let's take just a moment and appreciate how these guys can get it done with just acoustic instruments.

Drowning Pool - "By the Blood"

Drowning Pool - "Think"

Drowning Pool - "Tear Away"

Drowning Pool - "37 Stitches"

Drowning Pool - "Bodies"