At the University of Belgrade, a team of researchers are getting us closer and closer to building the Terminator. The ‘Ecce Robot’ project is designed to create artificial motor and cognitive functions that are more reminiscent of what actually happens in the human body, and watching this thing in action is a little scary.

Instead of having hydraulics and motors that are keyed to a specific function, the Ecce Robot simulates the tendons, joints and bones of the human body, making it theoretically capable of doing anything we can do. Even… love.

The team has spent the last few years working on the mental development of the robot, giving it an experiential system so that it learns from its mistakes and actuates its thermoplastic polymorph joints and bones to mimic human reflexes and actions.

If you’re worried about this thing hunting you down, chill: it doesn’t have legs. We hope it never has legs. Someone destroy this thing ASAP.