El Paso has reached herd immunity by vaccinating over 75 percent of its population.

They take care of each other in El Paso. Not only did they have a lot of loss at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, but a horrible shooting spree brought the town together.

I noted on a friend's Facebook when they said "moo, moo" because the town has reached herd immunity. El Paso is now the first Texas city to reach this 75 percent level of immunization, and it will be very interesting to see the results.

So far, everyone in El Paso looking out for each other looks to have panned out. I have not found a search engine that matches up days, graphs and stats, so it's a little hard to present those numbers to you. I can only say that they look like they have lower infection numbers than Lubbock and they have over twice the population.

I've said this before about Lubbock and it's kind of true of most midsized to small towns: we can make up our mind and do whatever we want to do with minimal spillover from other cities.

If we decide that we're going to get most of the pets fixed to help out the animal shelters, it's completely doable. Lubbock is an island and we can do what we want to do. All we have to do to stop the pain of coronavirus is decide that we've had enough.

So how about it Lubbock? Is El Paso smarter than you? Can we put the squabbling to the side and make this town healthy? Everything that's in a coronavirus shot leaves your body in 72 hours; if there was going to be a side effect, it would have already have happened.

Cowboy up and get a shot for the Hub City.

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