Have you been looking for a different kind of music to rock out too…do you want to hear a band that really puts passion into their music. Well End, Ocean is the band you want to be listening to for everything you want in a band.


End, Ocean started in 2010 in Lubbock, Texas. Just like everybody in the music industry they continue to work their tails off to get where they need to be with their music. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever met a group of guys who are just so humble about everything they have. End, Ocean’s members are: Sean-Keys/programming/vocals, Jared-Guitar/vocals, Lathe-Vocals/bass, Michael-Drums, Jameson-Guitar…When I first met these guys I never would have thought they were in a band just because of how their personalities are. I mean once they hit the stage they are completely different people, they really have a lot of passion for what they do and love.

Their New Music Video, “Discovered” is just flat out awesome. You are really missing out if you don’t watch this. You can check out End, Ocean Facebook page and even follow them on twitter...to keep up with these guys you can go to their website... Oh, did I mention you can by their song on Itunes too.

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