We had/have so many tickets to give away in April, we're calling it "April Showers Of Tickets." Among those giveaways is a pair for Metallica's Lubbock show. 

Yes, we have boatloads of tickets for Metallica at the United Supermarkets Arena on March 2, 2019, but we have a long way to go. You'll have MANY chances to win.

After we give away this April Showers pair of tickets, we're gonna have some MAYTALLICA fun. It's easy to enter (click the big button down below), so get it done.

Even if you already have a pair, wouldn't it be cool to have an extra pair as a gift? Heck, Christmas will roll around and be gone before this show happens.

April Showers, Maytallica and the FMX/Metallica Shirt giveaway (more on that later) are all brought to you by our friends at J Ferg Pros!

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