Sometimes you just need to vent, and for Escape the Fate this is one of those times. The band delivers a heavy, aggression filled performance in the video for their new single "Just a Memory," which just debuted via Louder Noise.

As can be seen in the clip, the band finds some wide open, dirt-filled space to get their frustrations out. The song is really propelled by the rapid fire drumming of Robert Ortiz and the brutal vocals of Craig Mabbitt as the band rips on someone who has done them wrong and puts that person in the rearview mirror. There's also a blistering guitar solo from Thrasher Gruft about midway into the clip as well.

Judging by the title of the band's album, Hate Me, there may be more vitriol still to come. The clip does end with a little bonfire in the midst of their performing area with the album title clearly visible in flames from the sky above.

The Hate Me album is due on Oct. 30 and the band will launch pre-orders for the album tomorrow (Aug. 21), so keep an eye on their website for details. At present, you can download "Just a Memory" for free at the band's website as well.

Frontman Craig Mabbitt says of the disc, "This new album is, without any question in my mind, the best thing that has ever borne the Escape The Fate name by a distance.” He went on to explain the album’s title Hate Me as follows: “Lyrically, a lot of these tracks are based around the hate we’ve received over the years and just embracing that and using it to our own advantage.”

Stay tuned for more from Hate Me arriving in the coming months and look for the band hitting the road in October and November in support of the album. Dates can be found here.

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