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Halloween is obviously the best of all holidays. To paraphrase my friend Lynn Day, Halloween is the only holiday that's just pure fun. You don't have to decide what family to visit, you don't have to comb your hair, etc. It's candy and booze and spooky and dressing up.

Even if there's nowhere to go this year, I still encourage you to enjoy the holiday. Eat that candy, drink the booze (if you're legal/don't have a problem with it, etc.) and especially dress up.

There's magic in being someone or something else for just a short while. It's why I totally understand and enjoy cosplaying. Again, no cosplay events this year, but if you want to cosplay, I hereby give you permission to just do it for yourself. It's worth it even for one picture.

Here's my human version of the evil Teddy Bear Monokuma from the Danganronpa video game series:

Renee Raven

Don't want to be out a ton on a costume? Build what I call a multi-costume.

I have several simple and inexpensive pieces that double for multiple outfits. My frilly shirt has gotten a a ton of mileage as both David Bowie and Prince. My black lace petticoat has done everything from a Victorian Morticia Addams to a gender-bent Marilyn Manson. I totally faked a Him from The Powerpuff Girls with red makeup and a red scarf:

Renee Raven

The best part is being creative, thinking beyond your limitations and just having fun with it. Half the time I don't even have a costume per se; the entire look is centered around makeup and hair, like my Siouxsie Sioux. Rock stars are the most fun, btw, because they are real people who generally have a simplified aesthetic, like strong, angular eyebrows:

Renee Raven

Even if you just throw on a wig or a witch hat, this is OUR holiday, and you owe it to yourself to celebrate.

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