When you think of things Lubbock is known for, seafood is usually not at the top of the list. But, apparently, one spot in town is really making their customers happy. I noticed a discussion on the LBK Foodies Facebook page about Royal Seafood Shack located at 7604 Milwaukee Ave, and they were getting a TON of praise.

I've never been there myself, and now I am dying to go. More than 500 people gave the post about the seafood spot a 'like' and there were dozens of comments giving huge compliments on the food and service. I read through them all and I'm pretty sold on giving them a taste. They've been open for several years and I've somehow not made it over there. Why didn't anyone tell me I was sleepin' on some really dope seafood?!?

The man that started the discussion on the Facebook page said that the 'Treasure Boil' was absolutely delicious and that a server suggested they try a combination of lemon pepper and extra spicy sauce. He said that that sauce was so good they asked for extra bread just to sop it all up. He even jokingly talked asking for a to-go cup of it to take home.


Anyway, if you are looking around for a seafood joint to try out, maybe head over there. It might be a nice spot to take your lady for Valentine's Day. I don't think I will make it till then to try it. I've gotta go ASAP. Snow crab is calling my name...mmmm...

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