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Every Red Raider out there knew that Joey McGuire joining our forces would be a great thing for Texas Tech football. If there's any proof of that out there, it's the success he led our boys to this weekend against the Texas Longhorns.

When it comes to being a great coach, there are the technical aspects that matter, but nothing compares to the connection a coach forms with their team. You can’t just understand the game; you have to be a strong leader for your team. That's exactly who Coach McGuire is.

When your players know you have their back and that they can trust you, you will see so much more success come out of them. McGuire not only loves football, but loves this school and loves his team. His players can feel that passion and it makes them want to be the best they can be to make their coach and their school proud.

You can see all of that in this one speech caught on tape and posted on Texas Tech Football's official Twitter account.

"I told you they were going to break, and they did," McGuire said, adding: "I'm telling y'all right now, the country's gonna find out everything runs through Lubbock."

Our Red Raiders put in the hard work to get where they are now and trusted their coach, leading them to an amazing win. As Coach McGuire said in that video, if they keep practicing hard and continue to put in the work to be better players, believe they're built different and never quit, they will succeed.

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