If I've learned one thing about Texas Tech head coach Joey McGuire since he was hired last year, it's that he's not scared of the job.

McGuire took over a high school job and made the school a powerhouse. He made the jump to Baylor and immediately made a huge impact. His next task is taking Texas Tech to new heights.

Step one: recruit better. A quick check at any metric you want to use says that Texas Tech is recruiting at the best clip in the past decade. McGuire wasn't afraid to stick his nose into the pool and dive in head first.

Hearing McGuire talk about the team and the goals of the program also led me to believe that he isn't scared of the task ahead. He's more worried about Texas Tech being 'The Brand' and representing themselves. That doesn't include being scared s***less.

That brings me to Mike Farrell, a college football talking head who thinks teams should be scared of five teams heading into 2022. It just so happens that two of the five teams are on Texas Tech's schedule for the season as part of the non-conference slate.

Houston and NC State.

I think NC State will be very good, but if Texas Tech goes on the road and craps down their leg, Kirby Hocutt and the selection committee got the wrong guy. I'm of the opinion that they didn't.

Then there's Houston, who Texas Tech beat by 17 last year at a neutral site.

The AAC gifted Houston a weak schedule last year, and now people are building them up like they're playoff contenders. They aren't. Houston had the 105th hardest schedule out of 130 teams last year. I'm not saying they were lucky, but it's not like they were slaying giants to go 12-2.

With a lot of the defense returning, Texas Tech will still be favored when Houston comes to Lubbock in the fall, and nobody will be scared of Dana Holgorsen.

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