Craigslist is a great way to buy unique items from personal sellers at a great price, but to one Lubbock girl, the site can also be used to prank some friends.

Savannah Calvert, a Texas Tech student from Dallas, decided to play a harmless prank on her best friend.

Savannah posted this fake ad:

I have 5 leghorn chickens, I am willing to give for free to a good home. I found them loose running around on a dirt road. I think they were lost. So i saved them. 3 of them seem to lay some pretty darn good eggs, and at a rapid rate. Please text me if you are interested.

Savannah listed her best friend's number as the contact for the chickens.

Christina Martinez woke up to hundreds of texts from people inquiring about the add.

After giving her friend time to figure out the prank herself, Savannah shared the story on Twitter.

This legendary prank went viral in Texas and across the U.S.

Hopefully Christina has some awesome revenge in mind. Can't wait to see how she pays Savannah back for this amazing joke!

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