Quick: What's an hour of your life worth? What would you give for an hour with a loved one, your dog or your friends? I'll bet whatever you'd give for that is a helluva lot more than $7.25.

$7.25 almost gets you one gallon of milk, a loaf of bread and some baloney. Oh wait, put the baloney back, because you have to pay tax on the milk and bread. If I was a homeless fella and didn't have to pay rent, a car payment + insurance and a couple dozen other things, $7.25 an hour would seem like a haul.

Now consider for that $7.25, you have to be on your feet for an hour and take BS from a bunch of jerks who have no idea what they want when they drive up and have no idea what they ordered when they get to the window. As a bonus, you get to go home smelling like whatever you cooked that day.

Fast food work is hard work. Working fast food is no joke.

'If you want more money, learn more skills' is what the haters say. How about, 'if you want your order correct every time, you pay someone enough to pay attention'? Getting those orders right is learning more skills. Standing over fryers is as hard as cleaning out pipes.

I worked the grill (and cleaned it) at Dairy Queen for a summer and it was harder than my jobs tearing down houses, pulling orders for a soda company or working with hot tar for roofs.

Quit hating on what these folks want, and concentrate on doing better for yourself.

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