Well, it looks like someone is trying to push the coach out via petition.

Kansas v Texas Tech
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I certainly fall into the "we got a problem" category, but I'm not sure that this is how we bring the Red Raider Nation back together.

Interestingly enough, this petition came up on my Facebook feed as a "sponsored post," meaning someone is putting a few bucks into this effort. The petition itself actually has a really modest goal: just 100 supporters. At the time of this writing, it had 10.

I guess you guys, as fans, should have your voices heard. You're the ones that buy the t-shirts and tickets and, in some cases, make other donations to the athletic programs.

I don't know how much weight something like this carries with anyone, but it's preferable to some other types of protest, including the totally unacceptable booing at Jones AT&T Stadium. Let's remember that while you have a right to not be happy with the product on the field, the players don't deserve to hear that.

It's obvious that the coach is on the hot seat right now and still has five games to go, including match-ups with OU and TCU that may be brutal. I certainly hope the Red Raider faithful will bite their tongues a bit and support the team through this stretch. There will a time for petitions later.

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