What do you do when you have a drummer on your porch?  Pay him for the pizza.  How can you tell if a drum riser is crooked? The drummer is only drooling out of one side of his mouth.  What do you call a drummer who has broke up with his girlfriend?  Homeless. What's the last thing a drummer says before he's kicked out of a band?  "Hey guys, I wrote a song."  Drummers get a bad rap, especially in the case of Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch.  Part of the original three that started the band, Jeremy not only kills it on the new single "Under and Over It," he's also a great, fun, honest and enlightening interview.

The RockShow was able to spend some time with Jeremy Spencer of Five Finger Death Punch.  Having dealt with drummers before, we we're prepared to talk really slow to a lughead, but Jeremy is a blast and just the can of guy you'd want to hang with after a show.

Jeremy hipped us to the bands plans, a video game appearance and other things you can expect in the near future from the band.  At this point we'll let you just hear from Jeremy!

Jeremy Spencer on playing hard and the new single:

Jeremy on the "48 Hours Festival in Vegas" and the new album:

Jeremy on his past, reaching goals and plans for the band:

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