Most of us have a couple of embarrassing moments in our lives that keep us awake at night. Whether you put your foot in your mouth on a date years ago or your boss overheard you saying something you thought would be more private, we all make mistakes from time to time. Sometimes those little mess-ups haunt us for years.

I've done my fair share of embarrassing crap. When I was a kid, I told my friend that beanie babies were worth money because there was actual money inside them. She proceeded to cut up all of her beanie babies and realized that wasn't true. She cried and cried and I still feel embarrassed and bad about it 24 years after the fact.

If you have an embarrassing story or memory that keeps you up at night, share it with us in a comment below or on the FMX Facebook page. We will read more of our favorite stories on The RockShow this week. Here are some of my favorite juicy ones below. Enjoy!


"I fell off backward from the top row of risers at a 7th-grade choir concert when I went to Evans jr high. The auditorium was packed full of people. Nobody came to check on me, lol I had to crawl back up and still sing." - Steven Sosa

"I was talking about what students needed in their Spanish presentations... and instead of saying "pieces of furniture", I said "penis"... In front of 30 7th graders." - Derrick Ryan

"3rd grade October 30th the day before my birthday, We had a field trip to the Zoo planned which was awesome, My mom was going as a chaperone and said she was gonna buy me some cool sh*t for my birthday at the Zoo, before we left I had to run to the restroom, sat down to take a sh*t, a few minutes later a group of my classmates came in, kicked the stall door open, pointed at me and said, "YOU'RE TAKING A POOP HAHAHAHAAHHAAHA' and on the bus, they started a singing a song along the lines of " JJ TAKES POOPS, JJ TAKES POOPS" in which my mom got caught up in and started singing with them and when we finally go to the zoo one of the first exhibits was the Gorilla who took a massive dump in his hands in which all the kids said, " OH LOOK THE GORILLA IS DOING A JJ" - JJ Howell

"When my daughter was little like around 7, told her that when she turned 10 she would grow a pee-pee and become a boy. She cried so hard because she didn't want to become a boy. We still joke about it to this day she is now 24". - James Murray

"When I was a senior I had an IB Spanish exam one morning. I had gone out the night before and partied in preparation for the end of high school. Well, the hangover shots combined with my anxious stomach weren’t a good mix. There were two parts to the exam and a break in the middle. We were all hanging around outside during the break. I thought I’d just let a little gas slip out. Nope. I straight up shit my pants. The liquid mess seeped past my thong and soaked through my sweat pants. I was mortified. I called my mom for immediate help. She laughed at me and said she couldn’t leave work. I crawled into the bed of a friend’s truck and changed into a clean pair of pants in the back of my SUV. I had to use dry paper towels to clean the mess. It was horrific. Everyone just thought it was “that time of the month” for me when I returned, late and in new pants. That is way less embarrassing than actually shitting your pants. Hope you got a giggle because I have literally, 13 years later, just now been able to discuss it." - Anonymous 

"When I was in high school, I think I was a sophomore or a jr. I was accused of murdering Bernard Wilson by the Texas Rangers and a detective with the sheriff's department. People saw the suspect's name (which was Kiara Brown), and actually called the news to turn me in! The news had to apologize on-air and ask people to stop trying to turn me in. It was a really weird and awful experience. My mom had just brought it up at dinner too. “Hey remember when they thought Kiara actually killed a guy.” - Kiara Brown

"Was talking with my brand new boss a few years back about some neuroscience stuff, and I was talking about how sometimes, you can treat blocked spinal fluid passages with a shunt. The problem was that I was on the recovery side of an upper reparatory infection, and as I got to shunt, I coughed and it came out with a harsh "c" sound instead of the soft "sh"...And, yeah, she heard it..." - D. Bjorn Christian

"For a few years when I was a kid, I always thought bumblebees were called 'Bungle Bees'. And I called them that until later I heard it correctly. Ironically, I hate and have a fear of Bungle bees." - Paul Rodriguez
"I lived in Louisiana at one point and I stole a goat from our neighbors and we kept it in the living room for days, fed it, and kept it clean till we took it back and we got chased by the farmer. At one point I fell trying to get the goat back over the fence and me and the goat both stayed on our backs for a minute. lol. I was embarrassed cause they came looking for the goat and her name was Stella so yeah had a guy running around yelling STELLA!! All throughout the area." - Ashley Nicole Hamilton
"I use to tell the sweet little neighbor girl, who had many disabilities, that she was my maid and I was the queen and make her clean my whole room. I think I was 6." - Claire Johnson

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