The RockShow asked 94.5 FMX fans to share with us something messed up they did as a child that they regret as an adult. Holy crap, you guys are naughty and we love your answers.

We shared some of our favorites on the air this morning, but we had too many awesome ones not to share more here now. Here are the best of them.


"We saw some poo and a kid said no that's mud so I said to smell and see and when he did I pushed his head in it and it stuck to his nose. It was poo." - Ryan J.

"When I was just learning how to write, I was in my mom's room writing on a whiteboard. I told her I had written a message for my older brother so she called him in there for me to show him. The message was "I hate you." Hate was a bad word in our house for some time after that." - Alesia M.

"I told a kid to look through a knothole in the fence and then I peed in his eye. I was a teenager and he was like 6. What a d*** I was. I should have been beaten up by somebody’s older brother by now." - Jme B.

"I cut my bangs in a zig-zag style to meet Barney at vacation Bible school. Barney never showed. My bangs were horrible." - Jocelyn D.

"Shooting these locusts out of the big tree in the backyard. I still feel terrible about it." - JoAnn H.

"Coming out of my mother's womb. If I had known life was gonna be like this..I would’ve just stayed in there." - Nik G.

"When I was 8 Offered my friend and his little sister a coke and went and got them one and I peed in his sister's can." - Derek U.

"My mom said that Mormons preach outside the Bible and anything outside the Bible is of the devil. The Mormons came by one time and I hid and shot them in the ass with my bb gun (protecting the family from the devil - in my eyes) sorry Mormons." - Joel D.

"We put rocks and water in my dad's lawnmower then locked ourselves in the bathroom!..." - Cindy H.

"I pantsed someone and totally embarrassed her I still feel bad after all these years." - Jessica A.

"I set my parent's bed on fire." - Joey H.

"Tried to throw a golf range ball across Quaker when I was six. It didn’t make it any further than the windshield of some poor guy’s car." Courtney H.

"Put the neighbor girl in my dryer. Told her it was a carnival ride." - Clifton P.

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