What a great little holiday we've hard, right? The best part is that it continues.

Frank Micelotta, Getty Images
Frank Micelotta, Getty Images

So most folks were able to make it a three or four day weekend (and by the way, thank you SO much to those of you who worked).  FMX hooked it up first with Memorial Day Triple Plays, then hopefully it's a short week for most of you, then we pop right into Saturday and another "Nothing But 90's Saturday".

Crank it up Saturday from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. for the best of the 90's. It's not just your big grunge superstars, but awesome years for Metallica, Manson, Ozzy and others. We've thrown in a lot of surprises as well. Right now it's looking like a high in the low 90's on Saturday, so whether you're barbecuing or chilling in the house, crank up the radio for some excellent jams.

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