There first time we saw the trailer for this movie, we said, "we're in".

If you haven't seen the movie "Nobody" starring Bob Odenkirk (the guy from "Better Call Saul") then make a note to do so. It's crazy-action packed and has a great sense of humor at its core.  The makers of that film, now bring us "Violent Night".

Violent Night stars David Harbour. You know Harbour from Stranger Things and the Black Widow movie.  The concept seems pretty simple, Santa saves a kid (and her family) against a high-tech home invasion robbery. What we don't know (yet) is why Santa is such a badass (and why he can be hurt and bleed, but still be magical and disappear when he wants). The trailer also has some "4th Wall" breaking and a pretty great villain in John Leguizamo.

We will have a private FMX showing of "Violent Night" at Premiere Cinemas on Wednesday the 7th at 7:00 p.m.  Renee Raven and Chrissy Covington will host the screening and they will have your chance to buy luxury timeshares at a fraction of the original cost. Okay, I made up that stuff about the timeshares, they're just going to give out t-shirts and stuff. Krampus may also greet you when you get there.

Wanna win your way onto the guest list? Your best chances are at 7:05 mornings with the RockShow or during the Free Lunch with Renee Raven.

Check out the trailer for "Violent Night" below:

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