Pete Alonso is a 6'3" MLB player who's about to hit his prime. Stubby Clapp is a 5'8", 49-year-old coach who comes up to Alonso's armpit. Alonso plays for the New York Mets, while Clapp is a coach for the St. Louis Cardinals.

Before we get into the brawl, Clapp played baseball at Texas Tech in the late 90s and set Texas Tech records for triples in a season, runs in a game and walks in a season. Clapp went on to have a brief MLB career with the Cardinals organization.

Alonso broke through to the majors with the Mets in 2019 and has been a mainstay at 1st Base since. He also lost to Texas Tech in 2016 at the College World Series.

If that was the first time Alonso lost to Texas Tech, today was the second time.

When the Cardinals and Mets were playing Wednesday afternoon, Cardinals star Nolen Arenado took exception to his opponents and started talking crap. Things quickly escalated with both teams clearing the dugouts.

During the scrum, Clapp executed the perfect takedown of Alonso. At about the 25-second mark in the clip below, you see the pair hit the ground, then Clapp never let go as both stand up.

Here's an epic shot of the takedown.

Alonso talked a big game after the scrum, but actions speak louder than words and I wouldn't want to mess with a man named Stubby Clapp that just pulled my ass down with ease.

Pete Alonso just can't beat Texas Tech.


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