Fraternities sure seem like something that should have died out in the '50s.

Recently, the PRESIDENT of the Texas Tech Interfraternity Council was busted online for making racist, violent and generally repulsive comments.

Once again, the PRESIDENT -- as in, the leader of the leaders of these guys who are supposedly joining a fellowship to become leaders. You guys know how this is, too. If the top man is behaving this way, a lot of the others are probably following his lead.

I've already come out and said that keyboard warriors like this guy need a shot at redemption, but the frat system itself seems very, very broken. Among commentators on practically every social media thread I've read, the common thread is that people expect fraternity members to behave this way. "Privileged" and "entitled" are right next to larger claims of "bullies" and "racists."

Now, I don't believe a large portion of the fraternity system is like this, but I think it's time fraternity members realize they have a HUGE image problem.

There used to be a time when fraternities were highly respected (It used to be, 'you got a problem? Well, the boys of Hubba Hubba Hubba are here to help!'), or at least they were friendly guys inviting the community to their events. (Anybody remember Pikefest?)  Nowadays, people expect the word "fraternity" to be associated with some misdeed.

So maybe the fraternities need to do a better job of spreading the word on their good works*, or they need to more good works. Right now the general consensus is, you're just a bunch of jerks living in a house with Greek letters on it.

*We would be more than willing to promote and/or recap any charity or community events undertaken, just send us a message. 

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