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HOME Ministries of Lubbock (406 N Zenith) is hosting a free Ask-a-Lawyer Clinic on Saturday, March 7th. It's a great opportunity to get some direction about any civil matters you may need help with.

This Civil Legal Clinic will allow you to sit down with a lawyer and:

Ask your questions.
Get specifics.
Learn next steps for your goals.
Resolve matters that have been hanging over your head.
Take care of the tasks on your "To Do Someday" list.

What can you ask about? GENERAL CIVIL LEGAL MATTERS like:

- Wills and Estate Planning
- Probate Navigation
- Landlord/Tenant Concerns
- Social Security & Veterans' Benefits
- Debt & Bankruptcy
- Contract & Consumer Issues
- Housing Concerns
- Family Law & Guardianship

HOME is proud to bring this resource directly to our community in partnership with Legal Aid Of North West Texas. This valuable clinic is one step toward strengthening our East Lubbock community--ONE HOUSEHOLD AT A TIME.

As someone who used to work for a law office, I can tell you there is so much you need to know to navigate any of these matters- and so many of us don't know the first thing about any of them. I hope this opportunity can help you, should you need help.

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