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For the heavily tattooed, Friday the 13th is a tattoo holiday and a fond tradition. While some shops have strayed away from offering this blessed deal for tattoo enthusiasts, StageCoach Tattoo Company (3602 Slide Road, near The Lantern) is keeping the fun alive during the most un-fun year in recent human history.

For the uninitiated, on Friday the 13th, some shops offer the insane deal of $13 tiny tattoos with a mandatory $7 tip for good luck. You can, of course, tip more, as that's just bonus luck and some of us could really use that.

There's always a flash sheet to pick from, and the designs are generally Friday the 13th related. My Friday the 13th tattoo is a cupcake with sprinkles in the shape of a 13. I'll probably get several more before I die because I want all the tattoos, ever. Here's a sneak peek of the StageCoach's flash deal for 2020:


That 13 Wu-Tang, though!!! C.R.E.A.M. -- cash rules everything around me. That's for sure.

If you're in for a bigger commitment, StageCoach has specials going up to $130 on Friday the 13th for larger pieces.

My advice: if you decide to participate, be patient, be polite, and don't ask dumb questions, like 'can I have this bigger?' unless you're willing to pay more. That goes for customizing the design, too. It's $20, people, just enjoy the ride. Also, don't bring an NPC with you (that is, a friend who isn't getting tattooed). That's just wasted line space, and your poor friend will be bored to tears.

Thank you StageCoach, for keeping our culture's traditions alive.

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