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Fusion Fitness (5902 W Loop) opened in Lubbock Wednesday (June 9th, 2021), offering group fitness in a variety of styles.

From their Facebook page:

It is officially our Opening Week! We are beyond thrilled to get the doors open and get back to what we love with all of you! Your support as we have started this exciting journey has meant more to us than words will ever be able to express.

They have options I've seen elsewhere like yoga and barre, and class options I don't believe exist anywhere else in Lubbock, like their Hip Hop Dance fitness class.

From their website:

 An easy-to-follow dance fitness that you will fall in love with. Let your hair down, and get ready to have a blast while sweating to energizing beats that will make you want to move your body.

I have a tendency to fall into the rhythm of whatever is playing in the background while I work out, so this seems like a great option for the musically inclined (or those that want to be).

It's not all dance and yoga, though. Fusion offers classes with names like "Shred," "Power," "High Fitness," "Cardio Combat" and "Kettleball Xtreme." They all seem like workouts for folks who are looking to seriously sweat. That said, I've poured buckets of sweat at yoga before; the instructor makes all the difference.

Truly setting Fusion Fitness apart is that they offer all that and cycling. I've never tried a cycling class. Those folks seem really serious, and quite honestly I'm intimidated by them. One day, I'll be brave.

Fusion Fitness offers different levels of monthly memberships and drop-in rates. You can find out more about Fusion Fitness on their website.

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