When is the last time you took a drive out to The Escondido Grill in Lubbock? It might be time for a date night! Chef de Partie Zachery Altamirano, shared some absolutely stunning photos online of various specials featured at Escondido over the last few years, and they've got me absolutely famished.

I reached out to him in regard to the different glorious specials they serve at The Escondido Grill. Here's what he had to say:

"I change the specials every month and I try to make them very eclectic the way good ol Sara North and Sally Good taught me! I’ve dabbled with a different genre of food as much as I could from southern style to Mexican, Korean, and Louisiana style, and I mix my fine dining experience with it all to up the presentation of even the simplest dishes. It’s been fun to play with different food and a challenge considering I’ve been on my own since Sara left so I’ve had to teach myself and broaden my taste field and take risks. I’ve learned so much being on my own. My own style is coming to light and I’m figuring out what different people like, and working at Escondido has taught me that there are different crowds. I’m learning how to keep my dishes simple and intriguing, all while making sure I’m pleasing the Texas steak and bbq loving people that The Escondido draws in."

I thought you might like to take a peek at what you could be having on your next date night, instead of the same old boring chain restaurants you frequent most often. This is next-level deliciousness that we should not be sleeping on!

Check Out These Mouthwatering Images From The Escondido Grill In Lubbock

Anybody hungry? I'll meet you there!

Wow! Now that I've drooled all over my desk, I think it's time to head to lunch!

What is your favorite thing on the menu at Escondido Grill? Comment below this article and tell us your faves.

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