What can I say sometimes I need a little help around here especially with the technical stuff when it comes to uploading a video. So who do I call on, of course Rob Snyder of KFYO and he had some words for me.

We have started to upload a lot more personal video's, either in the form of a "vlog" which is a video blog or turning our radio interviews with rock stars into videos sometimes it gets a little confusing. I wanted to upload a video yesterday and I just couldn't get it to upload was being a real pain and of course when Rob came into the studio he uploaded the video in literally 2 minutes.

So I busted out my Instagram video trying to be smart with him and fired back which took me by surprise and left me with just a humble "hmmmmm" which made for a funny video.

Checkout the video and you as well can learn how to upload a video as well from Rob Snyder of KFYO.


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