I am 34 years old and as I find some of my old pictures they bring back some awesome memories but at the same time I think, I was a idiot back then.

I think I was around 14-15 years old when this was taken and what I remember about this picture is the hat that I am wearing.

My Papa gave me that because when I would spend the Summer in Texas we would always watch Nascar or Formula 1. My favorite driver was Al Unser Jr. and he drove the Marlboro No. 31 and I loved to watch him.

The problem was that when I showed up to school the teachers didn't think that it was a very nice hat to be wearing to school and I was banned from wearing it. I threw a fit claiming it was in support of Formula 1 and Marlboro Racing not the company. Well that didn't work out very good and I still had to stop wearing it.

As I look back it was one of my very first hats and I still have it put away in a box. I also have been a Marlboro Man ever since.

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