One of my favorite social media tools is Instagram, simply because you can post pictures and 15 second videos for your frinds, fami,ly and followers to see. What I love about my Instagram is it can be a little more salty than what you usually see posted here.

This video was taken when Wes, Heathen and myself were talking about Dimebag Darrell and some of our favorite riffs either Pantera, Damageplan or Rebel Meets Rebel.

There is a pretty sweet track entitled "Pre-Hibernation" which was recorded for the TV Show "Spongebob Squarepants" and right from the beginning when Spongebob and Patrick start yelling Jellyfishing Jellyfishing Jellyfishing Jellyfishing and then Dime comes right in with this nasty squeal, the track just smokes.

The video shows myself and Heathen doing our best Jellyfishing air guitar work, right next to Wes Nessman who is not impressed at all.

Checkout it out and be sure to crank some Dimebag Darrell solo's, and if you decide to headbang right next to someone that isn't appreciative of the solo and air guitar work you are putting forth to stay out of arms reach of them.

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