There's a brand new show starting up right here in Lubbock that I think you'll like. Its called Skidmarks Show and its all about cars, bars, and rock stars.

If you like The Car Chasers then you'll like this show too. It stars Jeff Allen from The Car Chasers and a local radio! Jeff and I will be travelling the country talking about all things cool with cars, music, and anything that is just awesome. 

We're going to Sturgis this year too so there will be a ton of stuff coming your way from the 75th Anniversary rally at the Full Throttle Saloon. 

We're doing this as a podcast, at first. But there will be plenty of video and other cool stuff for you to check out every time we do a new one. We'll be driving fast cars, drinking in bars, and hanging with rock stars. It will cover everything you think is cool and then some. Check out our teaser video and get ready for Skidmarks to streak across America soon!

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