So today is my birthday. While I was shooting a Throwback Thursday video, I was interrupted by The RockShow's Wes and Heathen who hit me with silly string and what I thought was a snake.

I really don't like snakes. Like, really don't like snakes. The first text I got from Wes was that they had snakes in studio this morning. So I kind of figured that something might be up. But when I got to the studio, there wasn't any sign of snakes.

When I started to cut my video, The RockShow busted in and I was silly stringed by Wes. But watch closely and you'll see Heathen grab a handful of beads and toss them on my back. That was it; I was gone. I thought they had thrown a snake on my back!

Check out the video and watch for the stool that is still spinning in the back of the video and I tear out!

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