Something really special happened on Wednesday.

As you RockShow fans know, Wednesdays are usually reserved for "What's in the Box?" That feature is such a central element to The RockShow that we have to be very careful what we put around it. We generally can't put a full-on "Smoking Poll" because we can't really take calls, expand or even expound on the topic when we have a game smack dab in the middle of the show that everyone is expecting.

This setup made for the perfect spot for a bit that we only wanted to do once. Just one break and one moment in time. It's kind of like having a bowl of ice cream: one is delicious, but if you have too many you'll get sick and possibly a little gassy from lactose intolerance.

Now I want to defend myself upfront. As I said in the bit, I had zero intention of putting this thing on the air. I thought the question/game/statement was far too juvenile as well as being a little gross. I had only put it on my personal Facebook for fun. Then, I presented this idea to someone who spends a lot of time around morning shows and he said, "you gotta do it." I countered with, I'll do it, but I'm going to censor it a bit.

That's what you'll get with this bit -- a slightly censored, but still funny bit.

After the bit made us de-evolve into 5th graders on-air, I sent it to another friend with a morning show, Frank Pain, who said:

"That is the greatest bit of all-time."

To me, having the Painman's stamp of approval is better than any comedian or even world leader because he too fights his way through the trenches of morning radio day after day.

Enough with the hyperbole, here's the bit, called "UP THE BUTT."

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