We would like to, with humility and gratitude, thank you for making us number one again.

It's crazy that in 2021, more rock stations aren't number one. But the truth is that in 2021, many rock stations don't even exist.

Not all radio stations grew up with their listeners. Not many listeners passed their favorite radio station on, generation after generation. We've tried to be very careful to respect our listeners and take care of as many as we can, as often as we can.

Think about the other radio station you occasionally punch over to (it's okay, we know you're human). How many of those stations have a local morning show? How many have a local person during the workday? The answer is very, very few. FMX listeners have rewarded us by telling everyone they know they appreciate it and tune in daily.

There's no doubt that times have changed. We don't have all of the people that we used to have, which means that those of us who are left have to work twice as hard to bring you the music and information that you expect. We do our best to promote upcoming local shows because we know you're into that, and we post stories on matters of local interest. We wake up hoping to make people smile. Sometimes things don't work out that way because our interests don't actually align, but I think people respect that on this journey the best we can do is stay true to ourselves.

So we thank you for making your way through all of the muck and mire out there and turning the radio station up at work, in your car, and at home (we like being invited to barbeques). There's no way we would be where we're at without your intense dedication to the station.

So on behalf of the #1 radio station, and especially on behalf of The RockShow, Renee Raven and Tony Labrie (all #1), thank you, and let's rock!

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