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The pandemic wreaked havoc on many of your favorite eateries. I don't think any restaurant "got it right" right away. It's been a learning experience for everyone. It's not like any single one of us alive has ever lived through a global pandemic before. So really, we all learned on our feet, no matter what industry we're in. Even in radio, we had to make some adjustments.

Expectations for restaurants in America are really high. We want our eateries to get everything right, 100 percent of the time. This is not only unrealistic, but it's also impossible, especially as places had to make adjustments in their business models, staffing shortages and supply/ingredient shortfalls.

But here's the thing, a lot of places have made it to the end of the tunnel. They've re-figured themselves out. Their new employees are getting trained up. And they've adjusted menus to bring us a consistently lovely and yummy time.

Pei Wei (Kingsgate Center North) never dropped the ball entirely for me, but I saw mixed reviews at the beginning of the pandemic. I'm always hungry for fresh veggies, so I never stopped going. Yeah, they forgot my eggroll once. One time I waited for a while for my to-go order. None of it was a big deal, but I'm pretty laid back. Most people who've had an industry job before are, because we know how many spinning parts there are and how one little thing can clog up the works.

I went back to Pei Wei today with my previous experiences in mind and my expectations set accordingly. And I got my socks knocked off. The employees were incredibly sweet. My food was out very fast. It was piping hot, fresh, and absolutely delicious. Pei Wei has found themselves again.

And I bet your favorite has, too. Or they will. Just keep believing in them and they will grow into what you expect. While this can't be 100 percent true for every place, it's usually true for most eateries. I will confess, I did permanently give up on one restaurant, and the only reason why I did was that they outright dismissed my concerns. You can only grow and get better if you're willing to take constructive and good-natured criticism. If you're too good to hear it, there's no way I can help you.

So if one of your favorite places dropped the ball in the last year or so, I think now's a good time to give them another try. I bet you'll find they've come a long way. And they could probably really use your love and support right now. They've gotten on by the skin of their teeth for several months now.

Pei Wei in no way sponsored or endorsed this article, and I paid for my food. This is just my honest experience. And it was a fantastic one.

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