It was not supposed to end this way.

The RockShow was supposed to continue on with me being replaced, but the call of the beach, romance, and greater opportunities were too much for The Heathen.

My memories of Heathen are pretty mixed up. He worked many places and on many shifts in the building, adapting to each like a chameleon on mushrooms. I guess I'll just stick with The RockShow.

As I explained before, we bulls****ed our way onto the radio. We gave 'em a song and dance about what we were going to do, and we quickly turned that into doing our own thing. The RockShow is/was the show I always wanted to do and that could not have been done without Heathen. You guys simply have no idea how much fun we had; you only heard a small portion of it on the air.

Heathen's great strength lied in his ability to edit material down to it's purest form. I've heard a lot of people do the kind of material we did, but they took five minutes to tell the stories that it took us 45 seconds to tell. That's how we wanted it: Get in, get a laugh, and get back to the rock. That's why we called it The RockShow.

On behalf of everyone at FMX and our listeners, we'd all like to thank Heathen for the good times. We wish you safe travels, sandy beaches, and sunny skies.

The Best of Heathen on The RockShow

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