An uber-popular Lubbock-born condiment has sold out online after a major shoutout from the venerated Meat Church YouTube channel. But don't panic- I've got the lead on getting your goods ASAP. First, here's the video to tantalize your tastebuds:

Big Wick's Jalapeno glaze has become a staple in many Texas homes, whether poured over cream cheese for crackers or as a glaze, like on these jalapeno poppers. This image is literally making me drool:

Big Wicks
Big Wicks

"Well, now I want Big Wick's this instant!" It's OK, you can have it- Big Wick's is in stock at all Lubbock United and Market Street locations (at least for now). If you're not in Lubbock but have a United or Market Street, it's quite possible they have it, just give the store a call. Or, use Big Wick's online store locator for United/Marketstreet locations and other stores that carry it. From Abliene to Woodsboro- it's all over Texas, and even in some out-of-state locations.

Of course, Big Wick's is working tirelessly to restock their online supply.  You can go ahead and order a bottle now if you wish, and your order will be fulfilled as soon as possible.

Thanks to the wonderful shoutout from Meat Church and the support of its followers, our inventory has been wiped out. We will leave ordering open but please be aware that your order could be delayed from shipping for a week. We appreciate your support and patience as we are a small family operation. Be sure to check our store locator to see if we are in a store near you!

Congrats to Big Wick's, the best dang glaze in the world and a staple in my refrigerator.

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