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Growler USA has announced they are closing.

The business posted on Facebook that August 1st, 2020 will be their last day of operation. They took a parting shot at Governor Greg Abbott's COVID-19 orders as a reason why they could not hold on.

"We fought as long as we could but Covid and the governors orders have taken their toll."-Growlers USA/Lubbock

Many businesses are suffering now, especially bars, although I'm not sure it's entirely fair to blame the Governor Abbott for responding to a public health crisis. If you want to throw stones, they should look to COVID-19, and not to these attempts to save human lives.

I mean, what would you do if you were governor and someone told you that you could save thousands, or even just a dozen lives, by closing bars? I think the governor has a moral responsibility to save the lives, and then try to save the businesses when he can. Then again, you could make the claim that bars were unfairly targeted, because if the governor was truly serious about reducing the spread of COVID-19, he would also close churches and other super-spreader environments.

Small businesses have always had problems through their first year, and many don't make it past their fifth. These losses just seem worse right now because we have so much gloom and doom around us.

Still, this sucks for Growler USA. They had just started booking comedy when all of this hit, so it does make it a little personal to me. Who knows if they would have ever reached full potential? I am hoping the owners, and other owners affected by the coronavirus pandemic, look at how they're operating, come up with a new plan, and launch a new, stronger business. Lubbock will bounce back, and there will be plenty of new opportunities in the future.

I hope everyone will give Growler USA a big send-off and pick up a nice to-go order.

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