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So apparently Texas Senator Ted Cruz is really proud of a new promo video that he dropped and was tweeted out by Washington D.C. publication, The Hill.

In one day, Cruz retweeted The Hill's tweet five different times after he already shared the YouTube video on his Twitter feed. Maybe he thinks the more you retweet one tweet, the more important it appears?

Regardless of his reason to sound like a Twitter broken record, here is Ted Cruz's address to the Republican Party Convention on YouTube, which he wanted to make sure everyone saw at least once...or thrice:

In response to the warning from Cruz about the Lone Star State "turning blue" and losing the Republican leadership it has in congress, actor and WWE star Dave Bautista had some choice words for the Senator.

Twitter seems to be a playground on which Senator Cruz feels comfortable confronting other well-known personalities and politicians, but he really needs to consider stepping up his word game.

Remember when he tried to challenge Ron Perlman to a fight in a tweet, but actually volunteered someone else to fight for him? No? Well here's the highlight from that exchange:

One can almost make it a full-time job following politicians on Twitter just for the entertainment factor. It's almost as if when they enter the Twitterverse, the politician in them disappears and the prepubescent, pimple-faced punk arrives, ready to pick a fight and throw shade.

Come on, Ted, stick to what you're being paid to do and stay away from social media...especially the annoying, repetitious retweets.

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