There are no holidays for most folks between Labor Day and Thanksgiving and that's a long stretch, but even more important, Halloween is ingrained in our culture and should be given a fixed date.

Halloween spending is the billions and it seems like every store is getting in on the act. It's now commonplace for regular folks to have giant inflatables in their yards and/or tons of Halloween decorations. You now see Halloween images on everything.  People not only love to dress up, they now dress up their pets.

From what I can tell Halloween is not associated with any lunar event and does not have a strong tie to a real calendar position. It was basically a celebration of the end of harvest season and the beginning of winter and that's pretty vague area.

For these reasons and many more, I think Halloween should be an official holiday celebrated the last Friday of every October. You should have a full day to dress your kids, drink pumpkin-spiced everything and enjoy one last blast of fall.


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