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After two years, Hank has left the building.

That was part of the message on Facebook left by Hank's Chicken in Lubbock, Texas. Hank's Chicken was located in the Depot District at 1823 Buddy Holly Avenue. They specialized in chicken tenders, gizzards and more.

From time to time I would order Hank's Chicken over Favor, and they were fantastic. That's what I attempted to do this week when a message came up saying that the restaurant was closed. While the brick-and-mortar spot is closed, thankfully they're keeping the food truck going.

"We have enjoyed this location for the last two years, but have decided to focus on our food truck and catering," was posted to Hank's Chicken's Facebook page. "Thank you to everyone who supported us at our store front, and we hope to see your smiling faces at the food truck."

The owners of Hank's Chicken posted on social media that they would be posting on Facebook and Instagram about where the food truck for Hank's Chicken will be located. Just this week, the Hank's Chicken food truck was at Two Docs Brewery.

It wasn't completely clear why Hank's Chicken closed their Depot District location. Many restaurants have had a tough time during the coronavirus pandemic. We've even heard from some places that are now having trouble hiring staff. In fact, one post about a week before they closed actually said that due to staffing issues, they would be closed.

While we're sad to see Hank's Chicken close their location in the Depot District, we're glad the food truck will keep rolling.

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